Granturco Music

Bringing the Accordion back to Sydney!

About Us:

Granturco Music is based in Sydney, specialising in Accordion and Piano lessons and Italian Entertainment.


Granturco Music has its roots as members of the Gruppo Folklorico Eoliano Dance group, and as active members of the Accordion Society of Australia in 1995.


- Toured Sicily as part of The Youth Dance Tour

- Recorded the CD - Uniti Noi - with Joey Fimmano

- Recorded the CD - Search for a Star - as a part of Vicki Fontata's Search for a Star Contest


- Toured Austria and Germany for the 2004 Coupe Mondiale- World Accordion Orchestra Championships, placing 14th, from over 10 000 accordionists


- Recorded the CD - Celebration with the Accordion Society of Australia in 2005 



Toured New Zealand and competed in the 2005, 06 and 07 Asia Pacific Accordion Championships


Performed Music for the Film - Estelle's Etoilles.


Won the title of NSW and Australasian Accordion Champion for 2009 at the Accordion Society of Australia competitions. 

Toured New Zealand and attended the Coupe Mondiale in Auckland in August 2009 as Australian delegates and performed as part of the World Accordion Orchestra III.

Started work at the Australian Institute of Music as the Accordion Teacher for both Open AIM and Young AIM departments.  


Adjudicated at the New Zealand Accordion Association competitions


Attended the New Zealand Accordion Association Competitions 

Attended and competed in the Coupe Mondiale International Competitions in Shang'hai, China 


Attended the Accordion Society of Australia festival in Griffith, Regional NSW


Recorded Album with Accordion Society of Australia NSW Orchestra  

Music teacher at a High School in Sydney


 Produced Album "On Air" for Accordions Alfresco